“Stay at home. Stay safe.” has emerged as a mantra in the fight against COVID-19, underlining how central the home is to public health. Safe and stable housing is often a path out of poverty for families and benefits our whole community; reducing inequality and building resilience against economic and natural disasters.

It is critical that we don’t let COVID-19 block that path for the very people who need it most. Help is needed to continue serving our local families. Pandemic restrictions have changed the way the Kingston community participates in formerly normal activities. Instead of hosting a public event, we created a virtual one calling all paddlers to get out on the water and paddle for habitat.

We ask that you soak up these last few weeks of summer: spend a leisurely few hours on a scenic day route or try something a little more adventurous and join us in showcasing our communities favourite paddle spots, all in support of a great cause.

It’s $10 a person to register – that’s it! Anyone can sign up, either individually or as a team. Set yourself a fundraising target, then get your family, friends and co-workers to pledge their support to help you reach your goal.

Anytime between August 15th and September 27th, paddle. Where you are. As you are. Then, when you get a moment, share a photo of your triumph, GPS Tracker or your blooper reel. #paddleforhabitat

Click here to register

or contact us by phone at 613.548.8763 ext. 204, or contact us by email ehaworth@habitatkingston.com

a day on the lake:




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