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our families

meet our partner families

Our Good Shepherd project is close to finishing our second set of units on Cowdy St! We invite everyone to come witness the key ceremony on December 18, 2018 at 12:00PM – 1:00PM. There you will see our newest two families, the Edwards and the Searles.  

meet our newest homeowner partners

the Edwards

Laura and her daughter Lilah are very excited to move into their new home. The Edwards living situation has never been ideal, but now, by partnering with Habitat, they can change that and achieve the dream of owning their very own home! Laura hopes to teach Lilah the value and importance of partnership throughout this process.

"It will give a sense of being grounded, knowing that we won't have to move, that it's someplace that is ours. It will hopefully be something that will give my daughter stability and that will influence her future in a positive way."
Laura Edwards
Homeowner Partner

the Searles

Donna and there daughter are thrilled to be partners with habitat. For years, Donna saw her dream of owning a home that she and her daughter could share only as a distant future. By partnering with habitat that is all about to change. She is ready to work with Habitat  to bring that dream to fruition and provide her daughter with an optimistic future. 

"Having a Habitat home changes my future because not only would I be building equity, but I am also building a future, one for myself and one for my daughter. "
Donna Searles
Homeowner Partner

the Moedt family

The Moedts were one of our first partner families with our Good Shepherd Legacy project. They moved into their new home on Cowdy St in March and have been extremely happy with their new home!

“Home is a place where we can be ourselves…a place where Tori can dance and play her music and be just a kid,”
Kaye Moedt
Homeowner (2018)

the Lovelace family

The Lovelaces were also one of our first partner families for the Good Shepherd Legacy project. The moved into their new home in March of this year and tremendously pleased with it! 

“A place where I can hang my hat and call it home after a long day of work,”
Nathan Lovelace
Homeowner (2018)

the Mathias family

The Mathias family worked very hard as partner homeowners to earn their new home! They are very happy that they finally have a place that is their and that they can all share together.

"Our hearts are warmed with the thought that the children will be building memories in a home where one day they may bring our grandchildren, to share in the same experiences."
Kate Mathias
Homeowner (2017)

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